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Company Story and Mission

A sports coffee shop.

State Champs as we know it today formed in the Summer of 2023, but the idea for State Champs dates back to early 2009.

Both Ally and Cassy spent their time cutting their teeth across Silicon Valley start ups and brick and mortar sales and logistics, respectively. With both having dreams of being business owners who dreamed of bringing a community-driven, inclusive safe space to fellow sports fans.

In the Summer of 2023, they settled on the name, brand and vision and began doing various events and pop ups as they looked for the perfect spot for their first brick and mortar.

The path to 427 Franklin was not and still remains not easy. State Champs is completely self-funded with the duo using their life savings to bring State Champs to life. They have done all the city process paperwork themselves, from memorizing safety and health codes to learning the proper way to submit exterior signage paperwork. To say there was a learning curve would be a huge understatement. Roadblocks and delays have gotten the better of the founders at times, but the goal has always remained clear: open the shop.

They like to say they found their "Goldilocks" building with 427 Franklin. It is just big enough for their first location and it felt true to their streetwear roots in looks and square footage.

The concept of State Champs is built on the ethos of lowering the barrier to entry for three things that can be seen as very intimidating to folks: coffee, streetwear, and sports.

State Champs wants sports, coffee, and streetwear to feel approachable and welcoming.

The Coffee

Customers can order from a simple menu of 11 items – a nod to the number of players on the field or the pitch– as to not overwhelm them. No long paragraphs under drink names at State Champs.

The Streetwear

State Champs collaborations and drops are for everyone. What makes streetwear fun is its exclusivity. To stay true to that, State Champs drops will never get reprinted in the original collection color or same exact way. Once it's gone, it's gone. Making it extra special for those that were able to snag the first run of something.

The exposure to streetwear will be available to anyone who walks into the shop. No gatekeeping allowed.


No one at State Champs will quiz you on player stats or shun you for asking to put on women's sports. In fact, chances are that women's sports will already be on the TV. Did someone say March Madness watch parties?

Whether you have a favorite team, just a casual fan, not even a little bit of a fan – you are welcome here.

Company Values

One Team

We embrace and celebrate the diversity of our team members and our customers and believe in creating an environment full of safe and inclusive communication and collaboration where everyone is welcome and valued.

Good Vibes

We are all about good energy and positivity in all that we do. Leading with happiness and positive intent to leave the world a better place.

Lead with Empathy

We recognize the importance of empathy in understanding and respecting the perspectives of others and creating space for those around us.

Delight Customers

We aim to create and deliver memorable experiences for every customer, from the quality of our products, the atmosphere of the shop, to the level of service we provide.

For the Community

We believe in giving back and cultivating a sense of belonging and connection within our communities - both locally and across our coffee and sports communities.

The Founders

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