For the community.

State Champs is a brand inspired by the dedication and lifestyle of sports and the community it fosters. From the Friday Night Lights to the hardwood to the pitch, State Champs embodies the athletic, passionate, and dedicated nature of what it means to be a champion, literally and figuratively.

Made 🖤 in Ohio.

We design, print, package, and ship everything in-house.

For sports fans, by sports fans.

We're Ally and Cassy, co-founders of State Champs: the first sports coffee shop with streetwear mentality. State Champs is an inclusive sports coffee shop and streetwear line built on community and our shared passion for sports and the athletes and communities we root for.

We are excited to bring our community a space that merges good conversation, good coffee, and good vibes.

Born in Canton, raised on the internet.

  • Ally

    As a FIDM grad and long time coffee aficionado, who’s been immersed in in the streetwear scene since 2008, the ideation of State Champs started a long time ago and has seen various forms during that time. The merging of coffee + streetwear + sports just made sense to me as I found there weren’t any sports coffee shops that embodied the streetwear culture I knew and loved from growing up in the Bay Area/LA.

    After spending 11+ years in tech, the time had come to pursue our dream of opening a safe and inclusive sports coffee shop for our community.

  • Cassy

    To be honest, most days I usually pick RedBull over coffee and I didn't get into sports until much later in life but what I love about State Champs as a whole is the community we are growing and fostering both online and IRL.

    As a Kent State graduate with a background in sales operations and retail logistics, I have worked in sales and managed brick and mortar retail for the last 8 years.

    I've always dreamed of creating a space that serves our community where folks can feel safe and included.

The first of its kind sports coffee shop.

No one at State Champs will quiz you on player stats or shun you for asking to put on women's sports. In fact, chances are that women's sports will already be on the TV. Did someone say March Madness watch parties?

Whether you have a favorite team, just a casual fan, not even a little bit of a fan – you are welcome here.

Come on in.

We're lowering the barrier to entry to sports, coffee, and streetwear. We want our brand and space to be for everyone.

State Champs is a place where folks can be their own true selves and feel safe and welcome while rooting for their favorite team.

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