B(e) Free

B(e) Free

Who is World B. Free?

He's more than a name. Albeit, a name he gave himself. 

Born Lloyd Bernard Free, but better known as the "Prince of Mid-Air", "Brownsville Bomber", or "All-World". The latter inspiring his official name change to World B. Free.

He's now retired but during his time in the NBA he played for the San Diego Clippers, Philadelphia 76ers, Golden State Warriors, Cleveland Cavaliers and Houston Rockets. 

Free changed the narrative in Cleveland. Before Free joined the team, the Cavs left little to be desired. 

Free joined the Cavs after his time with the Warriors. 

“I remember when I got to the Cleveland airport right after the trade. The people looked tired. I said I was going to pump some life into this place. ‘What Cleveland needed was World B. shakin’, bakin’, stoppin’ and poppin’. That’s what I was thinking.”

– Free in Terry Pluto's Vintage Cavs

The Cavs made the playoffs during Free's first season with the team. It's without question that he made an impact on that team and the city of Cleveland. To quote Free, "it brought basketball back to Cleveland." 

To celebrate World B. Free and his impact on the city and the team we created the Off Day hoodie inspired by the color way that Free wore during his first season with the Cavs. 

Free and the Cavs will always be connected. And because we are just a short drive from where Free played all those years ago. We felt it right to craft a color way inspired by his years on the team.  


The Off Day hoodie, inspired by the colors that Free wore during the 1984-1985 season with the Cavs.
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