The story behind OHIO FC

The story behind OHIO FC


The ideation and "what could be" for Ohio's first professional women's soccer team began with a cup of coffee (shocking, I know), a snowy day, and 5am wake up call.

That one snowy morning, I woke up alert as ever with inspiration for a collection centered around bringing women's soccer to Ohio and the history and symbology of the state itself within that idea.

Ohio FC.


The story behind the name

Ohio FC.

It's timeless.

It's purposeful and it's a great way to show support for the state's bid for a professional women's soccer team. Sure, we could have gone with our other idea of "Cleveland Grey" (to be honest we might one day so stay tuned) but we wanted this one to evoke state pride with a true focus on bringing professional women's soccer to the state of Ohio.  

One, that focused on the sport and the state. No ties to specific regions or specific teams, just the state itself.

This one is about professional women's soccer within Ohio. 

Enter Ohio FC. 

Ohio FC

The colors

Lake Erie Blue. Carnation Pink. Spring Green. 

Lake Erie for the Great Lake that borders the state.

Carnation pink inspired by the Ohio State Flower.

Spring Green for the season in which NWSL begins. 

OHIO FC Color Palette

The imagery

This is where the fun begins.

Flag Shape: The shape of the " badge" if you will, is inspired by the Ohio flag shape known as the triangular swallowtail flag.

The Five Stars: A nod to the five stripes on the Ohio flag that symbolize the state's waterways and roads of Ohio. 

The Carnation: The State Flower of Ohio. The carnation flower on its own symbolizes fascination, distinction, and love. 

The White Lines Pointing Up: Progression, movement and the momentum of women's soccer. 

The Buckeye Flower: Ohio's famous state tree and a nod to another famous team within Ohio. 

Extended Leaves: The Carnation leaves extending outside the badge (or flag) symbolize the barriers women, especially women in sports, break to reach their goals and a reminder for women to never make themselves smaller for someone else. Be bold, be proud, and extend your leaves as far as you can.

Ohio FC flag meaning


The Ohio FC collection is dedicated to women's soccer fans, especially those eager and passionate about bringing a team to our state. 

The colors, the designs, the choices made are all intentional and for the fans of women's soccer. 

This one is for you.

Ally @ State Champs


Shop the collection.


OHIO FC Collection


If you follow us or read our blog it's no surprise we are huge advocates for bringing a professional women's team to Ohio.

We are supporters and partners of the bid to bring the NWSL to Cleveland but for us it means so much more.

– Ally and Cassy


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