Coffee Shop Hoops: More than a podcast

Coffee Shop Hoops: More than a podcast

When you tell someone "I have a podcast" in today's world you usually get a particular reaction.

An eye roll or sigh most of the time. 

Well, we have a podcast...

*pause for your reaction here*

But it isn't just a podcast for the sake of having a podcast. 

Also, drink an espresso shot for every mention of the word "podcast."

Coffee Shop Hoops, is a podcast all about women's hoops. A topic that deserves more visibility across the board and one that's near and dear to our hearts. (read: we are pretty much obsessed with it). 

The podcast is focused on coffee shop casual conversations around the women's game and get this, recorded inside of an *actual* coffee shop. And in the future, we will have a podcast recording experience for this podcast (and others) at the shop but more on that later. 

Fun Fact: it's actually recorded inside our office because the shop is under construction currently lolz.

With two episodes officially out in the wild, it feels amazing to be able to add to the women's hoops conversation. Women's sports are growing at an astounding rate with Deloitte projecting women's sports to generate more than $1 billion in revenue in 2024 alone. A recent research study by Rain The Growth Agency revealed that women’s sports consumption has increased 50% YoY.

This is a long time coming and something we are excited to see finally take shape. 

We are huge advocates for women's sports and want to continue to be champions of the game. This is just the beginning. We'll be doing a lot more around women's sports in 2024 and the coming years.

Get ready. 

Ally at State Champs



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