And 1 – The energy we are bringing to 2024

And 1 – The energy we are bringing to 2024

There really is something special about a new year.

Maybe it's the staying up all night to countdown until midnight that gets us so tired that we are completely out of it and become sleep deprived optimists on January 1st or maybe it's more than that.

Maybe it's hope.

Hope is really the only thing we have. 

Our hope at State Champs is the dreams and vision we have for this brand and our community. 

The brand we know and believe in as we gear up to open our first brick and mortar this year. Something that feels really wild to put into words after the rollercoaster moments during the last six months.

This year, in 2024, we will open our sports coffee shop and streetwear shop. 

Optimism. Hope. That's what we have. 

And we hope you have it too in your own lives.


Just like the "And 1" you get when you're *that* close to winning the game. 

The And 1 feeling of making the shot and getting another shot to close it out.

The And 1 is the energy we are bringing for 2024.

Join us. 


To celebrate this New Year full of "And 1" energy we launched the appropriately named AND 1 Collection.


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