Look at us being vulnerable.

Look at us being vulnerable.

The other day I was feeling overwhelmed at how long everything is taking with paperwork and getting the shop to a point where we can go and in do our thing versus waiting on others to do their thing.

So that night Cassy suggested that we go to the shop to see how stuff was coming along. To be honest, I also just needed to be in the shop versus spiraling in the comfort of my own home.


I noticed this on our front steps as soon as we walked up.

While I am incredibly impatient (and probably always will be), I keep telling myself that it’s all working out how it’s supposed to in the timeline that it's supposed to.

This mailbox was a great reminder of how far we have come.

On days where it might feel like nothing is moving and you can't fathom another setback. Things take time and something to this level involves multiple parties and the product manager control freak inside of me needs to remember to breathe 😂

PS: thank you universe for not allowing them to use Comic Sans on our mailbox.
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